Active Case Finding at Banganga Area – March to April 2018. #Tbfreeindia


Active case Finding


March to April 2018

House Covered 8081
Population Screened 42409
Total Suspected Patients Found 830
Pulmonary Suspected 602
Extra Pulmonary Suspected 228
Sample Collected 6
Positive Cases 0


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Media Engagement – DNA Times

DNA Times wrote CETI will make TB free Khajrana in Indore.


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Active Case Finding – Kalani nagar. #Tbfreeindia

Active case finding Kalani Nagar aerodrome road Indore

population screened – 25779

presumptive pulmonary and extra pulmonary cases – 540

courtesy – Samuday Samarpan Welfare Society

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TB Awareness Activity At Brilliant H S School Khatiwala Tank Indore – 26th April 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI and Team along with Rotary club of Indore Galaxy organised a TB Awareness activity at Brilliant School Khatiwala Tank for giving information to the students and school staff about TB, its symptoms and its free treatment. .

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CETI Team Visit At Juni Indore – 17th April 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI Team visited the slums of Juni Indore to monitor TB survey and Training update.

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TB/Survey Training Session For Musakhedi Area – 17th April 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI Team organised a TB/Survey training session for Musakhedi area and gave information about TB, its symptoms and its free treatment.

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Dr. Ruben-TB Advisor USAID Addressed NGO’s And Working Team In Indore At CETI Seminar – 13 April 2018. #Tbfreeindia

Dr.Salil Bhargava (co-founder of CETI) briefed about the Activities of CETI , Active case finding work to make Indore TB Free by 2021. He also introduced NGO’s of Indore who are working for Juni Indore Project.

Dr. Ruben (TB Advisor USAID) appreciated CETI’s  working style and also gave some tips to strengthen its work towards fulfilling the TB Free Indore Mission.



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