Activity 2 – Meeting with Sanstha Prithvi, NGO – Gourav Rawlia at Dhar Kothi (Indore)-12th October 2017

CETI team had a conversation with Gourav Rawlia at Sanstha Prithvi (NGO) 76, Dhar Kothi (Indore), gave information about TB and discussed on how to have more TB Campaign and make Indore TB free.


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Activity 1 – TB Awareness at EICHER Motors Pithampur (Indore) – 12th October 2017

CETI team organised TB Awareness in EICHER Motors Pithampur (Indore).


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Activity 3 – Meeting with LIONS Club Indore, Sampoorna – 11th October 2017

CETI was recognised by LIONS Club Indore, Sampoorna for contributing in TB control activities.




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Activity 2 – TB Awareness Training Programme Conducted at Dhar Kothi (INDORE)-11th OCTOBER 2017.

TB Awareness Training was conducted at 76, Dhar Kothi office (Indore), around 15-20 social work students were present.


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Phase 2 : Mission LKDB at Malwa Mill – October 11-17th, 2017

TB Awareness and case finding activity was conducted under Lambi Khansi Dheema Bukhar (LKDB) mission from 11 – 17th October 2017.

Weekly Survey Report – 11th – 17th Oct 2017

Covered Population – 4519

Covered House – 862

PTB patients – 23

EPTB Patients – 24

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