TB Awareness Activity at J.K High Secondary School (Azad Nagar) Indore – 31st July 2018

CETI Team conducted a TB Awareness activity for the students and school staff of  J.K High Secondary School Azad Nagar (Indore), for giving information about TB and Tobacco, what is TB, its symptoms and it’s free treatment.

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TB Awareness programme conducted at Girls School Nehru Nagar (Indore) – 4th October 2017

CETI team with the support of LIONS Club Sampoorna organised a TB Awareness programme at Girls School Nehru Nagar (Indore). The session was conducted by Mrs. Sangeeta Pathak (CETI Project Manager), President of LIONS Club Mrs. Jigayasa Parikh, school principal and teachers also participated in the programme.

CETI Team also organised an Exhibition on TB Awareness, its serious effect of Tobacco, distributed pamphlets and TB helpline card.

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