Awareness in Slums

TB Awareness Programme at Malwa Mill (Indore) – 12th Sept 2017

CETI Volunteers and field co-ordinators providing TB awareness related information at Amar tekri,  Malwa Mill Indore.

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TB awareness programme at Malwa Mill Indore – 9th Sept 2017

CETI Interns and field co-ordinators giving TB awareness related information


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TB Awareness activity at Majdur Choraha Khajrana – 5th September 2017

CETI has organised a TB awareness activity with LIONS CLUB sampurn at Majdur Choraha Khajrana. Sangeeta and her team gave TB related information and in the process found 10 new chest symptomatic patients and were referred to the nearest DMC Center (M Y Hospital).

Venue – Majdur Choraha Khajrana Indore
Total Participants 60
Total Suspected 10


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TB Awareness activity at Baba Fareed Nagar Khajrana – 31st August 2017

A TB awareness activity is held on 31st August at Baba Fareed Nagar in Khajrana Indore, CETI Field coordinator Yogesh Makode along with CETI’s Social work interns Gopal and Ritika with kind support of Pratyaksha Samaj Sewa Samiti a local NGO of Khajrana  awared the community about seriousness of TB, its symptoms and talked about its free investigation and treatment,

they informed about CETI TB helpline number 8989028282 to the community,

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Mission LKDB (TB Free Malwa Mill Area) – Visit at Amar Tekri Malwa Mill – 29th June 2017

On 29th June Sangeeta Pathak (Programme Manager CETI)  visited at Amar Tekri to review the survey work at Malwa Mill under Mission LKDB. On this occasion she went for door to door visit to the people and  discussed about thier health issues and also asked for the symptoms of Tuberculosis, in this way she referred  4 TB Suspected patients and council  2 TB patients taking medicine (DOT)  already.  

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Slum Visit_, Goma ki fail,Malwa mill, Indore_1st Jan 2016

CETI visited Goma ki Fel,  near Malwa Mill square Indore with the help of Social Work College students, They provided information regarding TB Symptoms and about its free investigation and treatment called DOT, i.e, Directly observation treatment to the slum people. around 124 people are aweared by this campaigns, while two chest  symptomatic patient found by the team and they were referred to the nearest DMC center “Mangilal Churiya Hospital.

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