TB Awareness Intervension

Slum Visit at Azad Nagar Indore – 27th February 2018

CETI Team along with Dr. Manoj Jain, Dr. Anil Bhandari (Director of Sahayata) and Dr. Usha Jain visited the slums of Azad Nagar, Indore.

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TB Training session for Azad Nagar Team – 23rd February 2018

CETI and Team organised a TB training session for Azad Nagar team at Vishwas NGO. Sangeeta Pathak (Project Manager, CETI) gave information about TB, its symptoms and its free treatment.

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TB Awareness Programe at Career Convent School – 22nd February 2018

Dr. Suresh Dholve (NIMA) had taken a session organised by CETI and team at Career Convent School, Niranjanpur. Dr. Suresh Dholve gave full information to the students and school staff about TB Awareness, its treatment and its symptoms.

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Slum Visit at Aranya Area – 14th February 2018

Dr. Neel Gandhi visited the slums of Aranya area.


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TB Free Inauguration at Aranya Area – 9th February 2018.

TB free Inauguration program campaign was held at 78 Aranya Area, Government Dispensary. Dr. Vijay Chhajlani DTO, Doctors, RNTCP team, TB HIV Teachers, Anganwadi Workers, local leader – Parshad and CETI team were Present for the session. The campaign was conducted by DTO and Sangeeta Pathak (Program Manager).          Doctors training session and Surveyor TB training session was taken by Dr. Vijay Chhajlani.

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Inauguration at Azad Nagar – 7th February 2018.

TB free Inauguration program campaign was held at Azad Nagar on 7th feb, 2018. TB, HIV Doctors, Anganwadi worker, CETI team and Local residential were present for the Inauguration programme.

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