Awareness – TB Exhibitions

TB Awareness Activity At MY Hospital – 1 October 2018. #tbfreeindia

CETI and Team along with Lions club of Sampoorna organised a TB Awareness activity at MY Hospital,  for giving information to the patients, present public, staff about TB, its symptoms and its free treatment.





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CETI Participation at Rotary Mandal Adhiveshan – 30th December 2017. #Tbfreeindia

CETI had a TB Awareness Campaign and Exhibition at Rotary Mandal Adhiveshan, Abhay Prashal Auditorium Indore.

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CETI AT Seva Bharti Mela – 1st – 4th December 2017. #Tbfreeindia

1st December 2017

2nd December 2017

3rd December 2017

4th December 2017

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Slum Visit – Bagh Umrao Dulha,Barkhedi,Bhopal_24th March 2015. #tbfreeindia

Activities has been done on  24th March 2015 at Bagh Umrao Dulha, Barkhedi, Bhopal on the Occasion of World TB Day March 2015, on this Program 130 people were Awared.

IMG-20150324-WA0043 IMG-20150324-WA0045

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TB Rally – On World TB Day_Barwani_24th March 2015. #tbfreeindia

On the Occasion of World TB Day a TB Rally was Organised by RNTCP and Rotary – CETI TB Project on 24th March 2015.

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