TB Case Finding Intervension

Active Case Finding at Musakhedi Area (Indore) – March to May 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI along with Vishwas NGO had an Active Case Finding at Musakhedi Area.

Active case Finding Data

Musakhedi (Indore)

March to May 2018

House Covered 5100
Population Screened 25295
Total Suspected Patients Found 335
Pulmonary Suspected 196
Extra Pulmonary Suspected 139
Sample Collected 68
Positive Cases 3


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TB Survey At Khajrana Area – 12th May 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI Team Monitoring TB Survey at Khajrana Area.

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Active Case Finding Phase – 3 Khajrana Area – 10th May 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI Team Started TB Survey at Phase – 3 Khajrana area.

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Active Case Finding at Banganga Area – March to April 2018. #Tbfreeindia


Active case Finding


March to April 2018

House Covered 8081
Population Screened 42409
Total Suspected Patients Found 830
Pulmonary Suspected 602
Extra Pulmonary Suspected 228
Sample Collected 6
Positive Cases 0


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Active Case Finding – Kalani nagar. #Tbfreeindia

Active case finding Kalani Nagar aerodrome road Indore

population screened – 25779

presumptive pulmonary and extra pulmonary cases – 540

courtesy – Samuday Samarpan Welfare Society

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CETI Team Visit At Juni Indore – 17th April 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI Team visited the slums of Juni Indore to monitor TB survey and Training update.

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Active Case Finding – DIG Banglow Bhopal. #Tbfreeindia

Active case finding in DIG area Bhopal, going on  

population screened – 32135

presumptive pulmonary and extra pulmonary cases – 1456



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Active Case Finding – vrindavan Colony (Banganga). #Tbfreeindia

Active case Finding at Banganga with support Nirmal Nazer Welfare Society

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Summary – Mission LKDB Phase – 2 accomplished. #Tbfreeindia

Mission LKDB at Khajrana phase – 2 is accomplished after 35 days,

this phase started on 18th July 2017 and end on 31st August 2017

Time consumed – total working days are – 35 and working hours are 175 including

17 volunteers including CETI team paid his services during this period.

14997 house holds visited of 75 slums areas with 78884 population.

suspected Pulmonary TB Patients – 161, suspected extra pulmonary cases – 195.

Sputum sample collected from  – 51 patients

sputum positive new patients – 6

patients followup visits – 13

everyday telephonic followup of the patients.

patients resolved – 54

continuing followup of – 46 patients.






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Participation in the meeting of Lions Club of Sampoorna Indore – 28th August 2017. #Tbfreeindia

A meeting of Lions club of Sampoorna held on 28th August 2017 at Sodani Diagnostic Indore in the graceful presence Lions District Governor Lion Perminder Bhatiya and Management Guru Vishwas Vaishnav  CETI Program Manager Sangeeta Pathak presented presentation of  involvement of Lions members in TB Control Program.

Club president committed to do 4 TB awareness campaign in a month she also showed interest to adopt a slum Ramnagar near Badi Bhamori Indore to make it TB Free.




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