TB Case Finding Intervension

Inauguration of Survey work (pilot) over 5000 population under Khajrana TB Free campaign by District TB Officer, Indore, Dr Vijay Chhajlani

After 9 slum visits, referred 36 chest symptomatic patients and found 7 sputum positive patients at Khajrana , Team CETI decided to start survey work at Khajrana to find more and more TB patients and to make Khajrana TB free, Dr.  Vijay Chhajlani (DTO Indore) inaugurated the event, it was organised at St  Loysis School with the help of Sunni Welfare committee,  on this occasion along with CETI team Dr Vijay Chhajlani, RNTCP officials, members of Sunni welfare committee, Media persons, school staff and Students Social work college (surveyors) were presented there,

The survey work is a pilot to find active TB case in the dense community, 1000 house holds & around 5000 population would be covered by this effort, symptomatic TB patients will be referred to M Y Hospital , Sunni welfare committee (SWC) committed to provide food facility to the poor patients.


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CETI Started Khanjarana TB Free Campaign

Few days back CETI Coordinator went for a slum visit at Khajrana in Indore. By two visits only, they referred 6 TB suspected patients to the nearest DMC centers, from that slum they found four patients are sputum positive in six of them,The Space Between Us film

Immediately team CETI has decided to cover Khajrana area with all its intervention like awareness & case finding in slum, case finding with the help of non MBBS Doctors, TB Awareness in Schools and Colleges, Awareness by Print Media , TB Exhibition display, Health Awareness camp with the help of NIMA, local doctors and NGOs etc.

To start this campaign CETI Program manager Mrs Sangeeta Pathak met with members of Sunni welfare committee, which is an NGO and working already in Khajrana area for serving food for hunger and for education, they have more than 100 volunteer in the field. they assured us to help in our TB Free Khajrana campaign.

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