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National - 14th August 2018

Roadmap for TB Free India Delhi conference with Central TB Division, USAID and AAPI

International - November 2019

Dr. Bhargava and Dr. Manoj leaders at WHO TB Joint Monitoring Mission 


 Emory University, a key international collaborating partner

About CETI

CETI programmes aim to improve the rates of TB diagnosis and treatment for vulnerable people in under-served communities. These include women, children and urban slum dwellers; it is these groups who, in the past, have tended to miss out on vital TB care.

The project works at a grassroots level, providing training in TB to local NGOs, community volunteers and rural health care providers who are trusted by their communities. This means they develop the skills to identify symptoms of the disease, and can support people through diagnosis and treatment.

By holding local meetings to raise awareness of TB, and developing TB action plans, community members are investing in their own healthcare. Read More

Our Mission

CETI works as a catalyst and resource by empowering and aligning multiple agencies to reduce the burden of TB in India. In particular, CETI focuses on creating best practice models and then scaling them up. CETI leverages and aligns the government infrastructure, private doctors, and NGOs to their maximum potential for TB Elimination.

Our Key Interventions

DTO Training

Local Roadmap For TB Free India

TB Free Indore Campaign

Our Recent Activities

TB Awareness Activity at Shaskiya Prathmik Vidyalaya – 12th March 2020. #TBfreeIndia

TB Awareness Activity was conducted at Shaskiya Prathmik Vidyalaya, Shanti Nagar Musakhedi, Indore. Teachers and students participated in this activity.    

TB Awareness Activity  For Anganwadi Workers – 12th March 2020. #TBfreeIndia

CETI conducted a TB Awareness Activity  for Anganwadi Workers at Amar Tekri Malwa Mill.    

TB Awareness Activity at Jhalla Sadar Bagh Colony – 7th March 2020. #TBfreeIndia

TB Awareness Activity at Jhalla Sadar Bagh Colony.    

TB Awareness Activity for Anganwadi Workers at Keilod Kakad, Indore – 4th March 2020. #TBfreeIndia

CETI conducted a TB Awareness activity for Anganwadi workers at Keilod Kakad for giving all information about TB, its symptoms, causes, and free treatment.    

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