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About CETI

Collaboration to Eliminate Tuberculosis among Indians (CETI), is a catalyst and pioneer for innovative ideas which are replicable, sustainable and scalable helping India become TB Free by 2025.

CETI was founded by Dr. Manoj Jain and Dr. Salil Bhargava in 2010 with the goal of making their home city of Indore TB Free. That mission has expanded to help make India TB Free with projects that span across India in cities including Ahaemdabad, Mumbai, Delhi and more. Dr. Jain and Dr. Bhargave have also provided their expertise and guidance as members of GOI-WHO Joint Monitoring Mission in November 2019. Dr. Jain served as a section lead for drug sensitive TB in this mission.

CETI collaborates with a number of local, national and international organizations. For example, it has worked closely with AAPI, Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, on  TB Free Local Roadmap project in 10 cities sees www.tbfree.org/aapi/ and published in Indian Journal of Tuberculosis titled “building local roadmaps for TB Free India”. Also CETI has conducted workshops in collaboration with and the government’s TB control program (NTEP), WHO, and USAID.

At present CETI has  three areas of focus:

  1. Introduce a quality improvement (QI) approach towards TB treatment in India with training of DTO – district TB Officers.
  2. Be a resource for cities to create their own Roadmap for TB Free City through out India
  3. Pilot and innovate projects on screening, active cases finding, contact tracing and follow up in local regions such as Indore to later scale up successful models.

Our strategy is to be a catalyst and a supportive organization for NTEP for TB Elimination. 

CETI focused papers and projects include:

  • Quality Improvement initiative for District TB Officer
  • TB Awareness, TB Notification and Active case Finding
  • Local Roadmap for TB Free city
  • Development and deployment of an App for TB Screening and active case finding
  • TB Free City Campaign

CETI’s MISSION: CETI Collaboration to Eliminate Tuberculosis Among Indians CETI works as a catalyst and resource by empowering and aligning multiple agencies to reduce the burden of TB in India. In particular, CETI focuses on creating best practice models and then scaling them up. CETI leverages and aligns the government infrastructure, private doctors, and NGOs to their maximum potential for TB Elimination.

OUR VISION: – To eliminate TB in India, and to create a local model of TB Free Indore, which can be scaled up.

Our Story

Over the Years


Supported NTEP Active Case Finding  in Indore

CETI is teaming up with Union and other leaders for quality improvement training.


Meeting in Mumbai AAPI Global Health Summit with GOI, WHO, USAID, CDC

Conducted Workshop over airborne infection control in Nagpur on in collaboration with CDC

Attended USAID co-creation in New Delhi

Final report on Roadmap for 10 cities (Indore, Bhopal, Nagpur, Malad, Mysore, Ahmedabad , Rajkot, Varanasi, Lucknow and Gujrat Villages) are prepared with the support of concern DTO, WHO Consultants and Local champion and NGOs

Piloted telemedicine for TB patients from US doctor Dr Nidhi Lal- and affiliation with Boston University.

Elimination presentation at AAPI in July 2019 in Atlanta

Participation in AAPI Global Health Summit as a speaker in Hyderabad in July 2019- Dr. Salil Bhargava

ACF model with support of ASHAs in Delhi Rohini Sector – 9 under the guidance of Dr Dinesh Karagwal (DTO Rohini)

ACF in Lucknow initiated

Published 2 articles in respected Journal on Roadmap for TB Free India, Quality Improvement for TB Review. Accepted and pending publication on Artificial Intelligence for TB in India

Participation in Joint Monitoring Mission in Nov 2019 – Dr. Manoj Jain and Dr. Salil Bhargava

CETI App for recording ACF cases


CETI collaborated with AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) and USAID (United States Agency for International Development) for TB Free City. Also scaling the active case finding to a population of 10 lacs.

Local Roadmap for TB Free India Training is conducted for 10 cities Indore, Bhopal, Varanasi, Lucknow, Malad, Nagpur,Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and for 40 villages of Gujrat to develop a pilot program for cities/districts/villages.

It has  three components.

  1. Develop Local Strategic Plan
  2. Field work for Awareness, Notification and Active Case Finding ( This will be the focus of this training session)
  3. Present findings at AAPI Global Health Summit on December 28-29. 2018

Local Roadmap for TB Free India is an initiative of RNTCP-CTD, AAPI, CETI, USAID and WHO to develop pilot programs to help cities/districts/villages become TB FREE. It has three components.


Mission Lambi Khansi Dheema Bukhar (LKDB) initiated in Khajrana and Malwa mill area CETI did Active case finding Phase wise in Khajrana and Malwa Mill area. Apart from this CETI did many other activities such as Slum activities, health check up camps, TB exhibitions etc


CETI piloted a campaign conducted active case finding in high-risk ( slum) areas of Indore. 


CETI Conducted a seminar of DDG TB in 12th January 2014.

CETI teamed together with Rotary Club of Indore to write a Global Grant for TB. Working with Government’s TB program (RNTCP) CETI, increased awareness and notification of TB cases in Indore, Barwani, Ujjain and Dewas.


CETI Launched  a TB helpline Inauguration on 25th March 2013 by Mr K Dinesh (co-chair infosys).

CETI did workshops with Local doctors, Media, teachers, laboratories and Local NGOs to bring them up under an umbrella to eliminate TB Deaths.



CETI Collaborated with National Integrated medical Association (Ayush doctors) to support slum dwellers and to create TB awareness programs in schools.


TB Notification

CETI initiated TB Notification with selected high burden private Chest physicians, CETI had kept a register to record TB patients data to calculate private TB patients.



CETI initiated innovative projects for TB elimination.

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