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CAP-TB | Active Case Finding- Workplace Screening at Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd., T. Narasipura, Mysuru – 1st August 2023 #TbfreeIndia

Aug 1, 2023

CAP-TB (Comprehensive Approach using PDSA to Eliminate Tuberculosis) Project for TB Free Mysuru & Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, India

Workplace Screening for TB Elimination- Standing TB Task Force, 

A Comprehensive approach to prevent workplace transmission of active TB

TB cases can be found in the garment industry, just like in any other workplace or community setting. The risk of TB transmission in the garment industry, or any other workplace, depends on several factors such as the prevalence of TB in the region, the working conditions, and the health status of the employees.

The screening for employees at Shahi Export Pvt. Ltd, T. Narasipura, Mysuru was undertaken as part of the ongoing Comprehensive Approach using PDSA to Eliminate Tuberculosis (CAP-TB) Project in Mysuru & Chamarajanagar districts in Karnataka in association with the Ashraya Hastha Trust supported by Central TB Division, World Health Organisation, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) and Emory Global Health Institute (EGHI, USA).

To influence the minds and to remove stigma, IEC activities started four days earlier. We have the photos.

On 1st & 2nd August 2023, Mysuru NTEP team and Dr. Shiraz Ahmad, DTO, conducted the screening with great support from the Shahi Exports team and a team of stakeholders constituted as Standing TB Task Force (KHPT, Asha Kirana, JSS, THO, and IMA).

Active TB cases can be highly infectious, and the workplace can serve as a potential site for disease transmission. Identifying and isolating active cases promptly can help prevent the spread of TB among colleagues.

By facilitating early detection, preventing workplace transmission, and supporting treatment initiatives, workplace screening contributes to a healthier work environment and advances the goal of TB elimination.

By actively participating in TB control efforts, workplaces play a role in reducing the overall burden of TB in communities

Workplace screening may also identify individuals with latent TB infections. While not contagious, these individuals have the potential to develop active TB in the future. Timely treatment of latent TB can prevent disease progression and reduce the overall TB burden.

Our gratitude to Shahi Management and all the stakeholders for taking a step forward to support the DTO and team towards the goal of TB-free workplaces, TB-free Mysuru.