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TB Awareness Activity with the General public on the occasion of World TB Week – 23rd March 2024 #TbfreeIndia

Mar 23, 2024

CETI organized Rapid Fire Q and A Rounds on TB with the general public in the local streets of Indore. CETI Team connected one-to-one with people at different places, during which we asked people various questions on TB like How does TB spread? What are its symptoms? How can I avoid this? Can TB be cured by treatment and how many types of TB are there? All these questions were asked at different places and with people of different communities and classes. Those who did not know about TB were given correct information on when to seek and where to seek care myths among the people regarding TB, were also cleared. During this activity, the Admin Manager of CETI Mr. Swapnil Vilekar, Nandini Pawar, Pooja Bhargava, and Nikhil Nayan were present, and TB-related awareness pamphlets and TB helpline number 89890-28282 were also distributed.