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Letter from Dr. Cency B : PMEC Alumni Batch 4 : TB Awareness using PDSA

Aug 4, 2023

Good morning

We the NTEP team in Idukki made a unique attempt to create awareness regarding TB using the PDSA tool capturing the unseen life of the Muthuvan tribes of Edamalakudy, the first and only tribal panchayat in Kerala. This health travelogue titled, “Edamalakudy: An unparalleled journey – a health travelogue of the first and only tribal panchayat in Kerala” with English Subtitles is the first docu-film of its kind at the national level. It showcases how a health/medical travelogue can be used as an effective tool for ACSM activity. 

I was a participant in Batch 4 of the Program Manager’s Executive course (PMEC) conducted by CETI. I am glad to inform you that the PDSA tool continues to help us with the effective implementation and innovation of field-level NTEP activities. 

It will be a great honor and a positive promotion of NTEP activities if this video is showcased on your website. Hoping for a positive response.

Dr. Cency B, District TB Officer Idukki